Dr. Jean Mee


Dr. Mee began her officiating career in 1975 during her senior year SCSC. She began officiating college volleyball in 1976 after being rated by CAIWBO as a state official. She has officiated at all Connecticut state colleges and universities including regional championships, as well as high school regular season and tournament play.

During her time as a volleyball official, De. Mee held memberships in NAGWS-CABO/CAIWBO (National Assoc. for Girls and Women’s Sports/Connecticut Affiliated Board of Officials and Connecticut Affiliated Intercollegiate Women’s Board of Officials) and she served as president of CAIWBO for two years. She also helped organize training and rating sessions for volleyball officials at high school jamborees for many years and hosted many rule interpretation sessions for volleyball officials.  She continued her officiating career until 1990.

Posted in 2002, Game Official.