Dr. Ann Fariss

Dr. Fariss began her professional teaching career at the University of Bridgeport in 1969. She has an incredible record of contribution and achievement in the areas of physical education and athletics. She was published many articles on sport and participation. She has held numerous positions on committees and AAHPERD and CAHPERD.

Some of Dr. Fariss’ achievements in volleyball include:

  • The organization and administration of the first women’s collegiate volleyball team at the University of Bridgeport;
  • Coach of the women’s volleyball and basketball teams at UB;
  • State officiating coordinator for volleyball;
  • DGWS volleyball rules interpreter;
  • Officiating judge for volleyball ratings clinics;
  • National official at six state volleyball tournaments;
  • National official at exhibition match for Women’s Sports Institute.


Posted in 2002, Honorary, University of Bridgeport.